Emulate the Ambanis This Year by Wearing Emeralds

Elevate your bridal look with timeless emerald jewelry. Discover fashion hacks inspired by celebrity weddings & learn how to maintain these exquisite gems


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Emulate the Ambanis This Year by Wearing Emeralds

2024-07-03 07:20:55

2024 welcomes the Emeralds to rule the world of bridal jewellery. But why the demand for emeralds is fuelling and how can you add them to your apparel, know the answers from the insiders. Allow us to serve you the most trending fashion hacks for your marriage, inspired by some famous weddings. 



Nita Ambani and Isha Ambani donned with emerald jewellery at Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding jollification at Jamnagar. Photo: Instagram/manishmalhotra05


Nita Ambani's giant emerald necklace stole the show at her son Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Jewellery enthusiasts worldwide were awestruck and envious. A plethora of diamonds and some more ogle-worthy emeralds graced the surface of the ostentatious design of two huge, palm-sized emerald bricks. 



Photo: Instagram/manishmalhotra05


During the three-day gala celebrations, there were other examples of affection for emeralds besides this jaw-dropping piece of jewellery. Pre-wedding festivities were transformed into an emerald carnival by several celebrities, including Deepika Padukone, Ivanka Trump, Sonam Kapoor, and even Shah Rukh Khan.


Photo: Instagram

Emeralds are in high demand

The demand for emerald jewellery outside of the celebrity circuit gradually increased as a result of Jamnagar's tremendous emerald presence, which truly stole the show. "In the recent past, there has been a notable demand for emerald jewelry. However, it has increased even more after Nita Ambani's Jamnagar photographs went popular on social media, according to Delhi-based jeweler Kunal Verma, who speaks with India Today.


According to Vandana M. Jagwani of the luxury jewellery brand Mahesh Notandass, emeralds are a timeless and classic gemstone. "Over the past two years, there has been a steady increase in demand for colored gemstones, with emeralds emerging as one of the most striking options." Thus, it's clear that emeralds are also becoming more and more fashionable this year," she continues.


Photo: Instagram

Strong shifts in emeralds

There's also a change in the way people think about emeralds. Emeralds are no longer only an accent or single-stone adornment that is frequently combined with diamonds; instead, they are now the main attraction. That's what jewellery experts say.


"More and more people are wearing jewellery that is mostly made of emeralds, complemented by small amounts of diamonds or other gemstones like rose quartz. According to Vandana, the idea of an emerald-centric necklace with diamond accents has evolved from a diamond-centric necklace.


Isha Ambani's jewellery selections during the Jamnagar celebrations made this clear. She put on two stunning emerald-coloured sets.


Photo: Instagram


Emeralds dominated even Deepika Padukone's stylish yet eye-catching necklace, which she wore with her black ball gown. Diamonds were used, but only as accents.



Although the primary driver of the emerald frenzy is undoubtedly celebrity validation, attraction and affordability are also significant factors.


Emeralds, a gemstone that embodies riches, elegance, and luxury, have a timeless appeal that draws the eye due to their brilliant green hue. Furthermore, emeralds (not the ones Ambanis wore, of course) may be purchased for less money than diamonds.


According to industry experts, the demand for emeralds is partly driven by price.


People's attention has been drawn to gemstones like emeralds, particularly when worn by celebrities. But more than just following fashion, the high cost of diamonds has contributed significantly to the growing interest in gemstones. Gemstones are becoming more popular as a less expensive yet still stunning substitute. Thus, even though famous people could have an impact on what we see, gemstones are popular because they are more appealing and less expensive than diamonds, according to Vandana M. Jagwani.


You can also add emeralds to your wedding look!



There are numerous advantages to using emerald diamonds in your bridal ensemble. They transcend beyond the element of trend. It is primarily adaptability. Emerald jewellery can bring out the best in any outfit, be it a modern bride wearing pastels and ivory or a traditional red lehenga or saree.


Nayanthara, for example, wore a red saree to her wedding. Emerald necklaces, chunky stud earrings, and a maang tikka were among the lavish pieces of bridal jewellery she opted for. Kiara Advani and Parineeti Chopra, on the other hand, wore modern lehengas for their separate nuptial ceremonies, and both welcomed the stone.


Emeralds also go well with both traditional and modern shapes. You can wear your bridal emerald ensemble again without having to change into a regal lehenga. Later on, you can accessorize it with an opulent gown as well.


Larger emerald gems are paired with delicate diamonds in more recent collections. Adorable necklaces that feature only an abundance of emeralds are also popular. According to Anmol Jewellers founder Ishu Datwani, emeralds paired with polki also look great. This is not simply true with diamonds.


Because of their intense color, emeralds are a perfect choice for creating contrast in any outfit. According to Vandana of the upscale jewelry line Mahesh Notandass, "Pairing emeralds with white or black creates a stunning contrast, allowing the jewellery to stand out."


Large emerald stones in a variety of shapes and patterns make standout rings.


Emeralds are also good at layering. Consider adding several necklaces to your wedding attire to make a statement. You can never go wrong with emerald-encrusted chokers paired with a satlada and a haar.


On the other hand, if minimalism is more your taste, you may always choose jewelry with delicate emerald accents that provide a dramatic contrast without being overly garish.



How to maintain emeralds

Despite their durability, gemstones must be handled carefully and valued for their rarity.


Vandana M. Jagwani advises, "Shield them from moisture and humidity, and store them carefully." In addition, she advises against using soap and water at home and is in favour of going to a reputable jeweller for expert cleaning or steaming.


"To prevent scratches and dust accumulation, store them separately in a soft pouch or a jewellery box lined with fabric," continues Ishu Datwani.


All set to make them envious of your emeralds?


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