Film stars who got separated after long married life

Bollywood is always the place of adventures and the personal life of the shining stars has always been a roller coaster ride.


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Film stars who got separated after long married life

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Bollywood is the planet's second-greatest film industry after Hollywood. It utilizes a large number of people groups straightforwardly and in specifically. India has such inquisitive and excited mass film partners, and they are constantly energetic to know the overhauls about their most loved celebrations in the Bollywood empire.

Here I am diving into individual star life:

1. Randhir Kapoor

Randhir wedded performer Babita on 6 November 1971 when he was only 24 after co-featuring with her in Kal Aaj Aur Kal. The couple became hopelessly enamored amid the shooting of this film. Their two girls, Karisma Kapoor, born in June 1974, and Kareena Kapoor, born in September 1980, are Indian film performing artists.

The couple differentiated in 1988 as contrasts emerged between the couple as Randhir's acting vocation drooped after 1983 and Babita needed her girl Karishma to be a performer. Babita left Randhir with her little girls. Even though against his girls getting to be included in acting, he inevitably came around the thought and is steady of their vocations. The two accommodated in October 2007, having never separated yet lived independently for a long time.

2. Mithun Chakraborty

Divorced:n the 1970s Mithun was quickly hitched to model Helena Luke. The marriage did not keep going long and they soon divorced. Sridevi and Chakraborty had got hitched furtively and later Chakraborty let it be known to the press however just when a fan magazine distributed their marriage testament.

3. Feroz Khan

Separated: Sundari (have two youngsters Laila and Fardeen.)

Reason: they felt a distinction and chose to separate with no asperity living on distinctive floors of the same cabin. The Term of marriage was a whopping 20 years  and the couple respected each other's thoughts, even after the separation

4. Aamir Khan

Amir experienced passionate feelings for Reena Dutta and proposed at the time of only 21. Since she is not a Muslim there wasn't any backing from Aamirs family and later their connection wound up in abscond and marriage.

He got separated from Reena and is the father of two youngsters Junaid and Aira. The purpose behind this partition, as given to the court may have been 'unstable distinction' yet the media reputed that this separation was a result of Amir's charged partiality towards Dil Chahta Hai's co-star Preity Zinta His Term of marriage: 16-year-old, He is presently married to Kiran Rao and had a kid recently.

4. Kishore Kumar : [4 times married]

Separated: Ruma Guha Thakurta,Yogeeta Bali,Madhubala:

Reason: Only she acknowledged Mithun Chakraborty is the one her heart really pulsates for on the arrangements of their motion picture together. Length of time of marriage: 16-year-old

Status:Wedded to Leena Chandavarkar from 1980 until his demise

5. Kamala Hassan

He is a famous star in Indian television, an Indian actor, a screenwriter, a famous singer, a successful director, and a producer. Separated: Vani Ganapathy, Sarika Thakur( little girls Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan)

Reason: Haasan's issue with co-star Simran Bagga

Length of time of marriage: Vani Ganapathy(10 years)

Current status: performer Gouthami Tadimalla (who featured with him in a few movies in the late 1980s and mid-1990s) since 2005. Shruti, Akshara and Gouthami's girl Subbalakshmi (from a dissolved marriage) live with them

Bollywood is always the place of adventures and the personal life of the shining stars has always been a roller coaster ride, which cannot be imagined by anybody. This highly fashionable world of glamour has so many things hidden under its glare and the divorces happening after a long marriage are the proofs to say that even the stars are common human beings.

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