5 Modernist & Freakish Bridal Entry Ideas

That first glimpse of the bride in her awe-inspiring look fascinates everyone present at the wedding ceremony.


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5 Modernist & Freakish Bridal Entry Ideas

2024-07-03 07:18:35

Think of a bride wearing a gorgeous bridal lehenga and the correct set of trinkets, walking down the aisle in the trendiest way, won’t it be a historic drama for the bride and an eye-catching moment for everyone? Well, it should be. After all, it is a monumental moment for the bride and everyone else’s eyes are glued to the event. That first glimpse of the bride in her awe-inspiring look fascinates everyone present at the wedding ceremony. But what if the blushing bride ramps towards the stage uniquely and dreamily? Let us find some most admiring and trending ways for a bride to walk down her aisle. 

1. How about a boat ride?

If you are planning to get wed beachside, then being a show-stopper of the day, you must try a boat ride to reach the venue. Some brides challenged the traditional entry by crossing all the green waters and arriving in boats to their lagan mandap. Look at the pictures below, they will surely win your hearts. Tell us in the comment box, which one is your favourite. 



Source: ujagarayurveda

2. Let your pets be your bridesmaid 

Entering your mandap with your lovely pets will grab the most eyeballs. These fur balls will make your day special by locking all the eyesight at you. Make sure you spend quality time with your poochies before the special day. Take a look at these brides who altered their strokes into their best man and paved a styling entry track for others. 


Source: shaadiwish

3. Enter with your girl gang

What do you think will be your escort to the mandap after your parents? Other than the duty of a bridesmaid your gang of girls can also make your entry one of a kind. Just let them swap their roles with the males of your family, let them cheer and dance for you to mandap, and let them hold those beautiful flowers over your head, making an adorable and awe “phoolon ki chatt” over your head and on your way to the aisle.  


Source: Red Veds

4. Become a mandap dancer

Do you know how you can look the prettiest on the day of your wedding? You will be the most admirable bride if you dance while walking to your mandap. This fits the brides who didn't behave all shy and flounced down the aisle shaking a leg with their group of friends and family. Many brides choose rhythmic Bollywood songs while others choose soothing and lovely romantic tracks dedicated to their beloved partners. 

If this entry style suits you and fits your demands then begin with the right choice of track. Be cautious and particular while selecting the tunes and beats you are opting for, so that you can avoid last-minute hassle and won’t become a goofing talk for everyone. After song selection, watch out if you need any props or accessories that might help you make your entry more mind-blogging. For instance, if you are choosing the song “Teri ore” then you might carry the picture of your groom to justify your act of dance. 


Source: Third Vision Studio 

5. Go the classy way with a Vintage car or “Tanga buggy”

During our hunt for the latest bridal entry ideas online, we also came across a few brides driving vintage cars to meet their beloved. And to the amazement of everyone, these stunning beauties genuinely made some real magic and added an extra spark to their wedding entry. What we witnessed was “Oh boy! Such a gorgeous bride and ingenious idea to enter.”. As a bonus, we especially liked how brides entered the venue seated on their lovelies and posed like true bridezillas.


Source: marseventplanners

Well, that was all from our side. We have tried our best to provide you with the best innovative bridal entry ideas. Choose what fits you best, the boat entry or you would like to be the prettiest dancing bride, the choice is yours. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comment box. You can drop any suggestions if you have. Wish you the best bridal entry!

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