Amazing Lahenga Color Ready To Beat Traditional Maroon and Red Colour.


By Ashish Rajput

Last Updated:Jun 10, 2019

The Chaniya Choli  is one of the most popular wedding apparels for women. However red is one of the most traditional Lehenga color but today, while looking through the varied options buyers will come across a vast range of lehenga, on hand in an array of animating color palettes. There was a time when women  belonging to regions like Rajasthan and Gujrat used to wear Lehenga during their wedding. Today opulent weddings are deemed incomplete without Lehenga. Lehenga is available in different styles and different color combinations; they are even made using different fabrics and Lehengas are different depending upon the embroidery pattern and outline. Traditional Lehengas are seen to be having time honored bandhni work. Some women go for huge style lehengas and few go for less voluminous. Kurti with lehenga, which hardly covers the midriff, is available with long sleeve, half sleeve, sleeveless and halternack. However, these days Lehengas are worn in varying color combination on wedding celebrations and that is the reason multi hued lehengas are enjoying such raging popularity.

Below few uncommon Lehenga colors are distributed:

Rocking Tangerine

Tangerine is a color belonging to the second category of wedding Lehenga as it is counted next to the shades like hot pick, maroon and  burning red. The color undoubtedly looks exciting and goes well with sort of complexion. Combination of gold with tangerine is something unbeatable now if you are looking for an innovative zing, you can add toasted almond instead of gold. Tangerine is a favorite color with Manish Malhotra and other fashion designers of prominence. Lehenga in tangerine is seen to have minute needlework and best for main wedding or wedding reception. Gold is the best metal to be worn with tangerine.


Verdant Green

Green is always a soothing and when green is used to design a Lehenga the end result is sure to churn something excellent and awesome. Even though many, on wedding, do not prefer green, as the color is deemed little dull and unexciting  but if you take a glimpse at some of the designer collections in green you will undoubtedly be tempted to purchase one. Now if your wedding is scheduled to be held in Summer or even in monsoon, this color will best suit the season. The color will scatter refreshing vibes and onlookers will be compelled to utter note of appreciation each time they look at you.

Ravishing Blue

Blue is the color of mystery, blue is the color of hidden pleasure and when Lehengas worn in blue known to set a different mood. Blue accentuates the mischievous aspect of women nature, so if you are lively and having impish quality in your nature you better give blue some scope over any other color. With blue you can opt for other colors like beige, gold and maroon. If you ask your man to get into blue, undoubtedly you two will look classic and regal. The color is hit for women as it is hit for men in all decades.


Blazing almond

These toasted almond color is definitely enticing and captivating. You will love it, would like to wear it, even though the color is mellow but sufficiently create an ambiance rich and warm. The impact is tough to ignore. Therefore, if you are thinking of picking a color, which is natural yet fuming then this color is something worth trying.


Intense aquamarine

This colour  will help you sport rare sensuous appeal and attract onlookers to gaze at you for hours. The color will land soothing impact  and it is like a breath of fresh and cool air. Everyone will be left awestruck when you will glide in your aquamarine Lehenga, you will no doubt feel the ethereal aura revolving around you consistently.


Pretty Pink

The relationship between pink and girls is never ending. Pink being the color of woman and color for every women, it is the best choice for special occasion. Pink lehenga brings out the feminism in every woman, when you wear the pink; it brings out your cuteness and happiness. You can never say ‘no’ to pink and for special occasions do not miss a chance to be yourself and choose the best pink lehenga that suits you. With the pink, bring out the love, confidence and dedication in your soul.    


The Vibrant Purple

Not everyone has the guts chose purple but remember, the color represent grandeur, wisdom and devotion. A purple lehenga for your big day will bring out the creativity, power and ambition. They are rich and royal color which reflects the luxury and royalty. Hardly few of them are in love with purple and if you get a chance to choose purple for you big occasion, do not miss a change! It represents your individuality and takes pride in wearing the purple lehenga that suits all skin tones.